How to upgrade DDR3 please help im newbe?

Answer The different ram capacity will be fine as long as you have a 64bit OS otherwise your computer will only recognise 4GB.

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Does DDR3 SDRAM work with a Motherboard that only says it supports DDR3?

I use two DDR3 SDRAM on my motherboard which says DDR3.So it works. You don't have to worry.If there is more than one RAM, just make sure the speed are the same.Check the body for that.

Is there a difference between DDR3 and DDR3 SDRAM?

Actually they are same some call it ddr3 and some said it ddr3 sdram.there is no difference between both of them.So dont worry buy any ddr3 ram and put it in your mobo :)

I installed 4gb ddr3 1333. but whenever i installed additional 4gb ddr3 1333, it will hang and reboot.?

Check whether your motherboard supports additional 4 GB RAM, few mother motherboards supports only limited GB of RAM, might be your motherboard supports only 4 GB. Let me know your mother board mod... Read More »

Is there a limit to how many times you can upgrade your skills on runes of magic I.E if i upgrade i skill so far will it limit how far i can upgrade another?

There is nothing to say that it would be a bad idea unless the person in question was using it for bad things. The application store has strict measures in place and no adult content is let through... Read More »