How to unschool your preschooler?

Answer In the competitive society we live in today, parents are putting their children on wait lists for preschool as soon as they become pregnant. But you don't need someone with a degree in education t... Read More »

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How to Unschool Your Child?

Unschooling is the most fluid style of homeschooling. There is no curriculum and there are no set boundaries. Many parents feel a bit apprehensive about such freedom. But, even unschooling has cert... Read More »

How to Unschool Yourself and Your Children?

It is a cultural myth that children hate learning and will avoid it whenever possible. The truth, however, is that most children are avid learners at least until puberty, and it is the schools whic... Read More »

How to Homeschool a Preschooler?

Homeschooling can be a rewarding experience for both parent and child. If you plan to start at a young age, there are some special considerations.

What to teach your preschooler?

no, not name! they even dont know abc yet!teach them alphabets letter like "Aa, Aa for Apple. Bb, Bb for boy" etc. show some examples too if u can! use the abc song might works more than just read ... Read More »