How to uninstall vista and install xp?

Answer you need to flash your bios..go to your suppliers website and download a flashed bios for your specific computer

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How to Uninstall Vista & Install Ubuntu?

The Windows operating system comes as the default with most PC computers. There are some disadvantages to Windows, such as vulnerability to virus attacks and system crashes. Linux Ubuntu is a free ... Read More »

How can I uninstall vista and reinstall XP in my machine having Vista alone as OS?

just after starting computer before loading of windows press del button so that u can go to cmos setup then set ur cd/dvd drive as primary bootable device and then restart ur ur pc will boot... Read More »

How to install XP in HP laptop notebook, Where already install vista, And i want to install Xp after Vista.?

There's a very nice tutorial guiding you step-by-step.Anyway,you have to install both the OS's on different partittions.…

How to Uninstall Vista SP2?

Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system was designed to be the successor for the Windows XP operating system. It was released to the masses in January of 2007 and was soon followed by two Servic... Read More »