How to unfollow or block deactivated twitter account?

Answer you mean to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users??use UnTweeps…

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How to Unfollow Bots on Twitter?

Twitter bots are unwanted followers that "mention" you or send you direct messages for the purpose of promoting a website or convincing you to sign up for one. These bots are often associated with ... Read More »

How to make someone unfollow you on twitter?

Hey!There is no way to unfollow someone on Twitter other than blocking them. However, you can try blocking them for few minutes and unblock them again, in that way hopefully the user will automatic... Read More »

I have deactivated my twitter but my profile still shows .. could anybody tell me what's wrong with that?

it takes a month before a deactivated account is actually removed, so the account is just freezed and if within a month you log in with that account then it will be reactivated again.this is also w... Read More »

Do facebook messages go away when account is deactivated?

no, the message will still be there, sorrythink of it like email.... if you send someone an email, and then cancel your email account, it doesnt go into the other person's email account and delete it