How to unanswer a question on facebook?

Answer The same thing JUST happened to me. You have to click on the question, and look at the person who asked the question. There will be a place where you can unvote.

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Facebook question?

Yes, there is. Go to their profile, and on the left side, scroll down to where it says [+Share] and just under that it should say 'Report this person,' unless you are friends with him/her. If you a... Read More »

New to facebook! lol - question?

They are just pop ups that are unrelated to Facebook and they select random names from your friends and nobody actually voted for you. They just put that because they KNOW that everybody will want ... Read More »


add this app:…then click:…log out and log back in and you should be fine :)

Question abt facebook....?

all she has to do is put you on her restricted list, and you wont be able to see her updates anymore, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it