How to turn off kaspersky antivirus temporary?

Answer on the system tray icon, right click on it and it says pause.. then you can pause it as long as you want

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Which of the antivirus software is best Avg or kaspersky?

Both are good anti viruses.But 'AVG' leads in certain aspects.Although certain viruses like funnyscandal.exe are often caught by 'Kaspersky' while AVG could not detect it.'Avira' is also a good ant... Read More »

Which antivirus is best among this:- Norton, Kaspersky, Eset, Trustport, Mcafee, Bitdefender .?

Everyone is going to load up with meaningless personal opinions... How about some objective facts? Better yet, how about data/stats from a top research firm currently testing all of these vendors p... Read More »

How to Temporary Disable Firewall Antivirus?

Although having a firewall on is a great thing because it prevents hackers from attacking your computer, sometimes it also prevents certain programs on your computer from running properly. For this... Read More »

How Can i use the Trial version for Kaspersky Antivirus(30 Days) after 30 days?

Yeah, just uninstall it and delete all the traces and registry keys off your computer. Just run "regedit" when done uninstalling it. That might work. Or what I would do is a reboot, but the bad thi... Read More »