How to turn myself on anytips?

Answer Well,simply "touching" yourself would be a decent place to start lol.Maybe watch/look at some porn,or just think the dirtiest most impure thoughts you can conjure up.

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Why touching myself doesn't turn me on?

women only want babies, not sex. this is normal

How do I make a video of myself and then turn it into a VCR tape?

most VHS home recorders have video input in addition to the antenna. simply run the AV cable from your modern digital camera to the VHS and record.

Are there anytips on keeping my room stay clean for atleast a month?

Go live in someone else's room for a month. he heSeriously now, it's fairly simple. Put away, not down. Books back where they came from, clothes into their place in the closet or laundry. Bits and ... Read More »

I have diabetes and cancer, how can i help myself strenthen myself & my immune system?

Depends entirely what kind of cancer. Some cancers can be as benign as to be brushed off your skin. Others are more aggressive and invasive.*IF* this is one of those aggressive cancers people may l... Read More »