How to troubleshoot a Bluetooth iPhone 3G?

Answer The iPhone 3G--as well as other generations of iPhones--are able to connect with a Bluetooth device. Bluetooth devices allow users of the iPhone to speak on the phone without actually needing to ho... Read More »

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Can you connect your iPhone Bluetooth to your gm truck Bluetooth?

Absolutely, so long as your truck has bluetooth! Just activate bluetooth on iphone, and tell truck to "pair" and itll tell u what to do

Do you have do have a Bluetooth headset to bluetooth on a iPhone?

I'm afraid you can't do bluetooth on an iPhone, i know as my best mate has one and she can't bluetooth me anything because apple doesn't do bluetooth. Sucks, doesn't it?

Why your Bluetooth losses connection with the iPhone 4 if you have the iPhone 4 in your pocket?

Hold your finger on the icon of the application you want to delete for a few seconds. All the icons will start to wiggle and you will see a small 'X' over the icon. Touch the 'X' of the application... Read More »

How do I Troubleshoot an HBH-608 Bluetooth?

Sony Ericsson's HBH-608 Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly talk on the phone while you perform other tasks that are more convenient using both hands, like cooking, exercising and using your compute... Read More »