How to treat under skin bleeding?

Answer pressure and elevation. Also, an ice pack for ten minutes followed by alternating heat and ice. It's basically the same treatment as for swelling or a bruise which are both closed system bleeding. ... Read More »

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How to Treat Severe Bleeding During First Aid?

You must treat severe bleeding differently than you would minor wounds. Signs of severe bleeding include blood gushing or spraying from the wound and not clotting. If you apply pressure to the woun... Read More »

How to treat bleeding in the stool?

If its bright red blood it's either a lower GI bleed (lower intestinal tract) or a hemroid. If the blood is dark or tary then that's an upper GI bleed. An upper GI bleed can be lethal and usually i... Read More »

How to Treat a Bleeding Ulcer?

When the lining of your stomach becomes compromised, normal acids that aid in daily digestive functions eat away at the vulnerable, injured area. The lesion that forms — called an ulcer — can b... Read More »

How to Quickly Treat a Cut or Bleeding Scrape?

There are times, when you get a cut or scrape and do not have instant access to a sanitary place where it can be conveniently washed and cleaned.