How to treat red jellyfish sting?

Answer try to see a doctor

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How do you treat a jellyfish sting?

How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting Jellyfish deliver stings from specialized cells called nematocysts, which remain "alive" -- or at least reactive -- long after the animal dies. These cells inject a v... Read More »

How would a doctor treat jellyfish sting?

With regular household vinegar or I would recommend a product called has 5% acetic acid, the doctor recommended level to best provide 1st aid relief for jelly stings. Used it myself;... Read More »

Can jellyfish sting each other?

According to, jellyfish can sting each other but do not commonly do so. Some larger jellyfish may prey on smaller ones, but they do generally not sting each other.References:Jell... Read More »

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