How to treat a scratch on the head?

Answer Just wash it with soap and water.

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How to Treat a Rash From a Dog Scratch?

If you're ever scratched by a dog, your skin may become red, raised and itchy. This inflammatory response is called allergic dermatitis, and it occurs when your immune system reacts to direct conta... Read More »

I wore my apple headphones for 45 minutes and for two days now the left half of my head and inside of my ear hurts like crazy whenever i move my head or jaw how do i treat it?

Skull candy headphones usually break anywhere from 2-3 months use. I recommend buying another brand, because they are cheap. You're only paying for the brand. Definitely not the quality.

When i scratch my head, i get white stuff under my nails, what could it be?

dandruff- dry scalp Don't worry about it.

How to Use Oil to Treat Head Lice?

Head lice are small parasites that feed on a minuscule amount of blood from bites on the scalp. A louse clings on to hair strands to pass from person to person through hair contact such as brushes,... Read More »