How to treat a poisonous plant reaction !?

Answer It depends on what kind of plant it is. Aloe Vera usually works for all poisonous plants.

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Is the shrimp plant poisonous?

The shrimp plant, which can be grown indoors or outdoors, is not toxic to humans or animals. However, it can be unsafe for children to consume, though there are no known symptoms.References:Busy Bi... Read More »

Is wisteria a poisonous plant?

The wisteria plant is a poisonous plant to both animals and humans. The seeds and the pods are the most poisonous parts of the wisteria plant but all parts of the plant are toxic if consumed. Becau... Read More »

Is a Bougainvillea plant poisonous?

The Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spp.) is a nonpoisonous evergreen shrub. Bougainvillea is often used as a fast-spreading ground cover, as a hedge or is grown in containers. The plant produces red,... Read More »

Is the holly plant poisonous?

The holly plant is a toxic plant and can be fatal if consumed. Severe stomach cramps and diarrhea may result as well. Contact your local poison control center immediately if consumption occurs.Sour... Read More »