How to treat a burn Help please.?

Answer When you initially burn yourself then you should cool the area, this can be achieved by running it under a cool tap or putting a wet compress on it, avoid ice as this can cause ice burns which will... Read More »

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OMG, 2nd degree chemical burn on my hoo haa. Please help?

this is so moved me to tears! i wish my boyfriend would do something like this for me! if i wasn't gay, i would stalk you and email you incessantly!

Please help, I can't scrape the burn out of my plate?

Calm down. Apply soap on the plate and scrub as hard as you can. If it does not come off, get your finger in a paper towel, and start scraping it with your finger nail. If it doesn't work, you're d... Read More »

How to get rid of a burn from the salt and ice challenge HELP PLEASE!!?

There is nothing you can do to make it go away any faster, you have to wait for it to go on its own. It will be gone before you start school in a few weeks. I'm glad you realise it was a silly thin... Read More »

Is Aloe Vera supposed to burn Help please!.?

Depending how bad the burn is. It Can burn for a little while, but then it will soothe afterwords..