How to treat a burn Help please.?

Answer When you initially burn yourself then you should cool the area, this can be achieved by running it under a cool tap or putting a wet compress on it, avoid ice as this can cause ice burns which will... Read More »

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How to Treat a Serious Burn?

This will show you how to react if you get burned. Please note that this shows what to happen after you get burned, not while you are on fire. Also please note that this is referring to serious burns.

How should I treat a burn?

Thats a first degree burn or superficial which ever you prefer to call it. Put a bandaid over it and DO NOT put any ointments or creams on it. Keep it dry and covered with a clean bandage

How should i treat this burn?

I can't imagine why you are afraid to tell your mom you burned yourself with a straightner.You can apply some burn cream and a band aid to protect the blisters from popping.It isn't a big deal. It... Read More »

What's the best way to treat a burn?

Put them in ice cold (or as cold as you can get it) water, or just cold tap water immediately. Go buy some burn cream in the pharmacy or see a doctor.