How to transfer pics from Dsi to SD card?

Answer yes! =)from the main camera menu, hit options (lower right). you'll see options to move, copy, and transfer (DSi to SD, SD to DSi, and DSi to DSi)

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How do i transfer pics from my camera?

If you're using the Kodak program called "Kodak EasyShare", it ought to be just about automatic. Have you rebooted since installing the software? Here's how it ought to work:1. With the camera of... Read More »

How can I transfer pics from my camera to the computer?

Attach the camera with the USB cable that came with it to the computer. Click on MY COMPUTER and it wil show your camera there as an external drive. Just click on where it says your camere (the dri... Read More »

How do I Transfer Pics From My W755 Motorola Phone?

With Motorola phones like the W755, you can not only move files from your computer to your device, but you can also transfer them to your computer from the phone. In the case of image files taken w... Read More »

Is there anyway to transfer pics from my ipodtouch to my digital camer And if so, how?

You can't transfer from your ipod to your camera. You might be able to transfer from your camera to you computer to your ipodtouch.