How to transfer iPhoto videos to iPhone?

Answer 1) Connect your iPhone to your Mac.2) Launch iTunes (if it does not automatically launch).3) Select your iPhone (on the left).4) At the top of the Sync selection, select "Photos".5) In the box unde... Read More »

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How do you transfer all apps videos and songs from an iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4?

IF you have a computer and have installed itunes on it (no duh you wouldn't have apps with out i tunes:P) all your apps, videos and songs SHOULD be saved on i tunes so just sync the iphone 4 2 itun... Read More »

How do you transfer videos to your iPhone 3GS?

its a replica of the iPhone but its not original. they are designed in California and made in china. they are also WAYYY cheaper like $150 to get a good looking replica/copy. but they don't work on... Read More »

How do you transfer videos from PC to iphone for use on iMovie?

Will iPhone videos transfer to roxio?