How to track who asked anonymous question on

Answer Does it matter? They can't hurt you over the internet

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Is there any way to sre who asked me a question on if they're anonymous?

You cant find out the identity of an anonymous person, that's the whole point of the anonymous button being there, so people can say things in secret without the people answering or anyone else kno... Read More »

How to track down IP address of askfm?

There's no way to find out someone's home address from an IP number unless you happen to get that information released from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) -- which for privacy concerns will no... Read More »

How to Track an Anonymous Email?

There are so many websites on the Internet that allow people to send anonymous emails to other people. Some people use anonymous emails for harassing or threatening purposes. If they are just spam ... Read More »

How do you trace an IP address of an anonymous Tumblr ask after responding to the question?

highlight the block link then right click and select “View Selection Source” (or “Inspect Element” in Google Chrome). then a new window will pop up and search this: Read More »