How to trace the location of someone broke into my computer?

Answer Sometimes, it's just not enough to simply know that there's a Trojan or Virus onboard. Sometimes you need to know exactly why that file is onboard, how it got there - but most importantly, who put ... Read More »

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Camera on computer was hacked into taking photos of person using computer, how to trace them?

It's a virus :/ get NORTON VIRUS (software) and do a virus scan. The virus will be detected simply right click and remove it... Also empty your trash... Happens to me often... Also change all passw... Read More »

Can someone trace an email back to your computer?

You can trace email back to a computer according to the Online Tech Tips website. You use the email's IP (Internet protocol) address in the "Received: line" to track the email back to its original ... Read More »

Someone from a different location logged into my facebook account?

maybe to collect your personal information, or to spam your friends

How to Trace the Location of an IP Address?

Finding the general location for an IP address is relatively simple. Typically, you can trace someone down to their city, state and country. However, in spite of what you may see on television, it ... Read More »