How to touch teachers ass without knowing?

Answer You can't

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How do i unlock ipod touch 3g without knowing the password?

You can call the phone, and during the call, press the home button and cisable the password lock in the settings.

How to Use an Ipod Touch to Record a History Lecture Without Your Teacher Knowing?

If you cant remember a lecture given by hour teacher in any lesson, and its an important part in your school course, this article is for you.

Can a landlord enter my house without me knowing and without my consent about any repairs needing to be done?

No, absolutely not. If you are paying, it is your personal area, and your landlord must have permission. If they are going through your house, and fixing things. that can be considered breaking and... Read More »

Difference between 1rst and 2nd gen iPod touch Is there a sftware difference or smthing I just got a iPod touch on eBay and its a 1rst gen. Got worried not knowing if I shouldve gtn a 2nd gen insted?

The "generation" label refers to the version of hardware you have. iTunes will update the software on your iPod to the latest version.Gen 2 Ipod Touch also has volume buttons on the outside, as wel... Read More »