How to tone thighs and butt in 2 weeks?

Answer Want to know how to reduce weight permanently and lose that weight forever? Take these step by step reduce weight guide to reveal a healthy and well toned body.1) Cardiovascular Exercises – Do yo... Read More »

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What exercise can i do to TONE my thighs ... im not doing squats or lunges as i already have big butt?

don't take pills or anything, eat organic fresh things. grapefruits help speed up weight loss. run run run! it helps reduce fat everywhere, sit ups and crunches help with abs. lift weights - muscle... Read More »

How do i get thicker in my thighs and how to get my butt big?

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How do you tone thighs and but?

How do you Get Skinny Thighs and a tight butt?

Well, I wear a size 0 and I do all of this:elliptical, treadmill, I always cycle and do stairmaster, and lots and lots of squats! My thighs are very thin and all the squats made my rear end hard an... Read More »