How to test the performance of a computer?

Answer test is one of the best there is. It will evaluate tons of individual aspects of your computer, show its overall rating, and then compare that to any or all other c... Read More »

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How to Test CPU Performance?

A Central Processing Unit (CPU) benchmark is a software utility designed to perform CPU-intensive operations and judge the relative performance of a CPU based on the time required to finish the com... Read More »

My computer run very slow... I want to reprogram my computer to go back to its original performance... Help...?

Best way would be to use to restore CD (if you have it) for your computer. That basically whipes off everything and takes it back to how it came out of the box.You could also trying cleaning out t... Read More »

How to Test PC Performance Online?

Websites such as VirtualMark enable computer users to check out a PC's performance online. PC performance tests can measure the CPU speed, memory and installed drivers. A performance test gives you... Read More »

How to Test a PC for Game Performance?

There is nothing more frustrating than spending your hard-earned money on a new PC game that your computer cannot run or play. There is now, however, an Internet program that--before you even leave... Read More »