How to test failure of electronics component in a circuit?

Answer Component level repair is a lost art. We moved into the board changing era many years ago. There are old timer techs like myself who were trained to repair equipment at the component level, but i... Read More »

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What are the causes of a circuit breaker failure?

Circuit breakers are rated for a certain maximum current and will trip if that current is exceeded. This is to prevent electrical discharge and a possible fire from short circuits or faulty wiring.... Read More »

Do you prefer to purchase electronics from Best Buy or Circuit City?

Circuit City because they stand behind their products 100%! We bought a computer from there and our first computer screen was faulty,so they just had us bring it back with our receipt and it was re... Read More »

Does Circuit City closings mean electronics will be on sale like PS3?

They'll be on sale, but the sales won't be anything amazing. They'll probably be about the same price that you can get them everyday at Wal-Mart, or on E-bay. Some things that might be really cheap... Read More »

Should circuit breakers be flipped during a power failure?

On One Hand: Turn Circuit Breakers Off During OutageIf the power goes out in your home---along with the rest of the neighborhood's power---consider finding your main electric box and switching all ... Read More »