How to tell the difference between a bruised and broken toe?

Answer Ah... I knew this question was from you. Haha. Im so sorry. I know how bad this hurts. I used to dance, and had many broken toes.. which is what that sounds like. Unfortunately, nothing you can do ... Read More »

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How do i know the difference between a bruised tailbone and a broken tailbone?

A broken tailbone will give you:Pain that increases with sitting or getting up from a chairPain that increases during a bowel movementBruising or swellingTenderness over the tailboneWith a bruised... Read More »

Is my arm broken Or just really bruised?

It probably is broken but if i were you i would go to a doctor.

Do you think my baby toe is broken or just bruised?

Yes, you would still be able to walk if it were broken- although it would not be comfortable to wear shoes. It's also no big deal whether it's broken, sprained or just bruised because there is not... Read More »

How do you know if your coccyx is broken or just bruised?

There is no medical treatment for a broken coccyx, other than trying to alleviate the symptoms. So whether it is broken or not, the treatment is the same. People often use padding for sitting, but... Read More »