How to tell my mum i want to be vegetarian?

Answer If you're already eating healthy foods, then she won't have to change much. Just buy you some spinach instead of meat, and try to ask her for some wholemeal bread instead of white bread etc. If she... Read More »

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How to tell my mum I want to be a vegetarian?

Just because someone says no, does not mean you have to take it.DO you take it when someone calls you ugly? Or a feminist? Or stupid?What is she saying no to? Hey mum I want to be vegetarian does n... Read More »

How to tell my parents I want to be a vegetarian?

You're exactly me. I was thinking of being a vegetarian for the most of last winter, I watched Earthlings (to see how are we ruining animals' lives), a movie Ellen DeGeneres said that made her vega... Read More »

How to Tell Your Parents You Want to Be a Vegan or Vegetarian?

Image:Salad head. This picture is my most popular photo. 1887.jpgVegetarian/Vegan eating is something we can all smile about!So, you want to go vegan/vegetarian but you're afraid your parents will ... Read More »

I work at a supermarket deli and became a vegetarian. How can I tell the boss I only want to cut the cheese?

lmfao! These people are as bad as the R&S section!!Bring on the thumbsdowners!!Eat A LOT of meat just one last time & go in his office & fart it all up!