How to tell if your mic works?

Answer Tah DA! Instant Messenger to the rescue, even for an old computer illiterate like myself.GL = Good luck!

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If your dad works for the CIA are you allowed to tell anyone?

I`m not sure if you allowed to,but i wouldn`t i would just say that my dad works for the goverment i mean you don`t really know who you talking to online.

Will anyone tell me how a tv remote works?

a TV remote works on infra red light that is can see an infrared transmitter LED (light emitting diode) at the front of the remote.the chip you see generates digital codes for the key... Read More »

How to Tell Whether a Home Remedy Works or Not?

Throughout the world there are many home remedies that are said to cure a certain disease. Although eventually every home remedy has to be judged in his own right, some generalisations can be made.

Tell me what semi hair dye works best?