How to tell if you are concuss or have head injury?

Answer You are fine. The other guy, I don't know.I trained in Judo and you learn to take the falls so I think all is well

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Head Injury.. Worried I have a concussion?

It's pretty hard for any of us to help you, as we did not witness your fall nor do we know how hard you hit your head. Your friends did, and they aren't worried. It doesn't sound like you hit har... Read More »

Which type of head injury do I have?

Have you talked non stop to keep yourself alive after a head injury?

I was once hit on the head by an iron bar wielded by my brother who was practising cricket shots.I was incapable of talking for some time.

I recently sufferred a major head injury how long will I have memory problems, I am still in the hospital.?

I had closed head brain injuries 10 years ago. I am doing a lot better today but I still have problems with short term memory at times. It is no fun believe me when you cannot remember something f... Read More »