How to tell if real labor starts?

Answer The best way for a lay (non-medical) person to tell if labor starts, is to determine if one or more of the following are occurring: Your water has broken You have a bloody mucousy discharge from y... Read More »

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I am 36 weeks pregnant and 1 centimeter dilated How long till real labor starts?

Probably another five weeks, especially if this is your first child.

How long can you be dilated to 2 cm before labor starts?

its different for everyone, first babys usually take the longest and you can be 2cms for a long time, sometimes days, just stay slowly active carry on doing day to day things, keep energy levels up... Read More »

What do doctors ask before labor starts?

Don't trust doctors with a pregnancy they have no idea. They treat it Like a sickness when it is as natural as sleeping. They cause harm to your baby by giving you epidural and labor inducers. Only... Read More »

If you are 80 percent effaced 2 cm dilated and the baby is at a negative 1 station how long until active labor starts?

Yes, I was told that I had a small pelvis and I had two vaginal births. My first one was a forcepts delivery but my second one was fine.