How to tell if my finger is broken?

Answer Well if your finger was broken you would be in a significance of pain, also your finger wouldn't be able to bend or move your finger and even if you did the broken bone would cause discomfort makin... Read More »

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How to make a splint/ how to tell if your finger is broken?

Hey guys how do i tell if my pinkie finger is broken or sprained if you can what can i do to make it better?

Can you move it? If you can't without extreme pain, then it probably is broken. I have to tape my pinky to the next for stability after straining it when something heavy slipped through my hands.... Read More »

Is my finger broken?

No, it's not broken your finger is just ****** up.

Broken little finger?

No, its not possible for a bug bite to lead to a broken finger. It sounds like your finger is just inflamed.