How to teach toddlers to sit quietly during circle time?

Answer Ah...another mom and I were just discussing how not only in the early ages but also in the elementary classes...that quietness/respect/etc is not being expected as much as usual. Unfortunately, th... Read More »

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What's the best way to get a group of pre-schoolers to settle down during circle time?

Routines, Routines, RoutinesSing certain songs each day."Open Shut Them" is a good one to begin with. Then a good morning/hello song. Set up a structure for your circle time so that they know what... Read More »

Should bed time be bed time or would you let you kids play quietly after being put to bed?

Here's what worked for us... our two daughters could choose three toys to take to bed with them. They were allowed to play quietly in their beds until they fell asleep. Leave the door partially o... Read More »

How to teach toddlers?

The best way to teach children under 5 is through play. Do number songs. (i.e. 5 little monkeys...etc..). Number to ten puzzles (left and Right hand puzzle.) You can go outside and find sticks... Read More »

How to Teach French to Toddlers?

By the age of 2, the start of the so-called "toddler years," most children will have a vocabulary of about 300 words and the ability to communicate basic needs and sentences in his or her primary l... Read More »