How to teach my child to multiply using objects?

Answer When teaching children mathematics, many adults use written symbols. Another way to teach multiplication and many other areas of math is through the use of manipulatives or objects. It's unnecessar... Read More »

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Fun Way to Teach Direct Objects in French?

French is one of the most popular languages for young people to learn. It can also be one of the most challenging. Direct objects can be a tricky concept to master. Both English and French utilize ... Read More »

When a child can bang two objects together?

Answer 8 months is a ball park. Try not to be too literal about developmental milestones. people vary and that is the only thing that is normal. Joymaker RN

How to stop a child who is severely affected by asd mouthing all objects?

Your answer is in your own question. You said that he tends to not mouth objects when he is doing something he enjoys or engaged. WE all stim (chew our pencil, twirl our hair) when we are not engag... Read More »

Can state authorities legally remove a 16-year-old from their mother's custody if the minor child objects to the action?

Answer Yes, if conditions exist that show the mother is an unfit parent, the child is being neglected, abused or in anyway physically or emotionally endangered.It is irrelevant whether the 16-year... Read More »