How to teach a 4 years old preschooler to quit using diapers?

Answer I am surprised he was allowed to enroll. In my area, all children are required to be toilet trained at age 3 to be in a daycare/preschool facility. For my son, the best thing was to just put him in... Read More »

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How do I teach a preschooler?

Preschool children who are ages 3 to 4 should be taught activities that encourage skill development and provide different ways of thinking and learning. As a teacher, child care provider or parent,... Read More »

What to teach your preschooler?

no, not name! they even dont know abc yet!teach them alphabets letter like "Aa, Aa for Apple. Bb, Bb for boy" etc. show some examples too if u can! use the abc song might works more than just read ... Read More »

How to Teach a Preschooler the Alphabet?

The ability to recognize letters and their sounds is important for the development of reading and writing skills. Children between 2 and 4 can easily learn to read and write the letters of the alph... Read More »

How to Teach a Preschooler How to Hold a Pen?

To teach a preschooler how to hold a pen or pencil requires time and patience. While it may seem like a simple skill, it actually requires fine motor development and strength. Give children ample p... Read More »