How to talk to girl on facebook chat [read for more info]?

Answer If she added you she obviously knows who you are and remembers you, its not like you're a stranger :)Just simply say "Hey ___! How's college going? Are you as excited for summer break as I am?"or s... Read More »

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I need help restoring my computer! Read more info!!!?

what's your computer make?is it vista or 7?here's a link, hope it helps to open.…or…best of luck!

How to Chat with a Girl on Facebook?

If you're on Facebook all the time, and you're comfortable with social networking and chatting, Facebook can be a great place for chatting with a girl. This article will offer a few suggestions for... Read More »

Facebook chat won't let me go online any more?

go to options and un-check any groups you have checked and then open facebook again. then you should be able to go online and then you can re-check your groups and it should work fine. tell me how... Read More »

How to Tell a Girl How You Feel on Facebook Chat?

Too afraid to tell the girl in real life or have no chances to see her soon? Its normal to be nervous. These tips will help you find out if she feels the same