How to take studio quality pics of objects at home?

Answer I'm presuming that your object is fairly small. I'm also presuming that you don't want to buy anything to make this work, except for a few simple items.For lighting, you want diffuse light without... Read More »

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Which 3 objects would you take from home in the event of a fire!?

i would take my photgraph album of my kids, they are not replaceable, my jacket because it might get cold and my other halfs x box 360, what a waste of money if that got melted! plus he would love ... Read More »

Does the quality of the digital pics get lost if i .......?

I don't see how the quality of photos can decrease from making copies, especially with digital. Anyone who says they do should re-evaluate the printing program/printer. Digital photos are the same ... Read More »

Would studio lights make my video quality better?

Yes they would. Cameras work on the basis that the more light there is, the better. Often video recorded in low light will appear grainy and not as sharp focus. Pumping more light into the scene (p... Read More »

Refurbished beats studio headphones good sound quality?

I would say check out the return options from the site you are buying them from, pick up one or the other of the ones you think you want, get them and if they do not work as advertised, send them b... Read More »