How to take spirit photographs?

Answer Taking photographs of spirits is really simple. Because most cameras can see into the electromagnetic spectrum, all it takes is to grab a camera, an EMF meter (to measure where the ghosts are so yo... Read More »

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Why do you take photographs?

I take photographs because I can't paint well enough yet and I enjoy looking carefully and helping others see more clearly the art scenes that surround them. I used to take photographs of products ... Read More »

How to Take Better Photographs?

Many people think they'll improve their photography by buying a spiffy new camera. The truth is, in photography, technique is much more important than equipment. And taking good pictures is somethi... Read More »

How to Remember to Take Photographs?

Have you ever been frustrated by wanting to document special moments and events, but never remembering to take pictures until afterwards? This guide will help you generate many photos to help recal... Read More »

How do you take good photographs?

First of all you have to make sure the background is good enough for the main picture e.g A homeless child do not put them in the front of a flowery field, put them by the trash bins e.t.c Secondly... Read More »