How to take medicines without feeling any bitter taste....?

Answer before putting tablet in mouth eat a spoon of sugar and do the same after you done , this maintains sweetness in the tongue. :) who told you to take insulin and suffer now :)

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Why do some papayas taste bitter and what causes it to be while other papayas of the same plant arent bitter at all?

Why does honey taste bitter?

The taste & color of honey is determined by which variety of plant the bees get nectar from. A hive of honeybees tends to get nectar from the same variety of plant till it is exausted. This is why ... Read More »

Does acid taste bitter?

How do I get the bitter taste out from stevia plants?

Harvesting to Reduce BitternessHarvest your stevia leaves at the end of the summer, just before the plant begins to flower. The flower buds introduce a bitter flavor to the leaves. Select a warm pl... Read More »