How to take good night photos ?

Answer First, you will definitely need a tripod.Second, put your camera in Manual and turn the VR and AF on the lens to OFF.Third, have your camera set to its highest resolution and use ISO 100.Fourth, fo... Read More »

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Digital cameras that take good outdoor night photos?

All P&S cameras have many limitations, amongst the worst of them are shutterlag and low light issues.They all have a lot of noise on higher ISO, although some are worse than others (e.g. every Olym... Read More »

Good camera for travel (high zoom, high quality night photos)?

Travel superzooms,…The Lumix stands out cause it's only 28mm thick and pocketable…

What would cause a red dot to show up on all my night photos?

Could be a bad pixel on your sensor. If you take a picture in the dark and the red dot is still there, that is an indication of a bad pixel. JPEG format will smudge a single pixel making it more ob... Read More »

Is the quality of printed photos off an iphone as good as printed photos from an average $100 digital camera?

Maybe.How large to you intend to enlarge them?Actually there are very few $100 digital cameras.