How to take good night photos ?

Answer First, you will definitely need a tripod.Second, put your camera in Manual and turn the VR and AF on the lens to OFF.Third, have your camera set to its highest resolution and use ISO 100.Fourth, fo... Read More »

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Digital cameras that take good outdoor night photos?

All P&S cameras have many limitations, amongst the worst of them are shutterlag and low light issues.They all have a lot of noise on higher ISO, although some are worse than others (e.g. every Olym... Read More »

How to Take Night Photos With a Point and Shoot Camera?

The modern point and shoot is quite remarkable in its capabilities in taking night photos. Try some night photography, for a change of pace, and you will be quite pleased at the results.

How to Take Good Airshow Photos?

Airshows are extremely entertaining and can be a great photo opportunity, if you know how to take great photos. There are a few things to know and keep in mind when at airshows and taking photos.

How to Take Good Mirror Photos and Poses?

Your self portrait just might need some work.Mirror photos can be a fun way to take pictures while seeing what you're doing.