How to switch users on Windows XP!?

Answer log out to the log in screen and enter your user name and pass word if you need a user name go to control panel in the start menu and select user account and make/ create new user

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How do i access switch users on windows vista home?

Click the "Start" button, which is the circle with the Windows logo inside it at the lower-left corner of the screen.Click the small square with an arrow next to the "Lock" button on the "Start" me... Read More »

How Do I Switch Users on an iPod?

When using the iPod Touch, the App Store and iTunes applications allow you to purchase media and download it directly to your device. If you have more than one iTunes user account, you can switch b... Read More »

Can i have 2 Admin users on Windows 7?

You can have as many administrator accounts as you wish on Windows 7. There must be at least one.

How do I use Windows authentication for all users?

SQL ServerOpen the SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer. Right-click on the server you wish to change, and select "Properties" from the menu. Highlight "Security" in the "Select a page" are... Read More »