How to switch iTunes account from credit card to iTunes gift card?

Answer on the edit payment section delete your credit card information (ie. number) and press done. that should get your credit card off the account so it will use your gift card.

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How do i add an itunes gift card to an itunes account?

Open iTunes on your computer. Click "Store" at the top and click "Sign In." Log in to your iTunes account. If you do not have an account, click the "Create New Account" and fill out the required in... Read More »

Question about buying an album on iTunes (with gift card and credit card)?

I am pretty sure when you buy an album it gives you the option to use a gift card or credit card. And yes it will charge everything in the gift card and then use 11 cents on your moms card. So enjo... Read More »

What happens if you were to buy an app without credit on your iTunes Gift card?

It charges the amount to your credit card you've entered into iTunes. --- Yes, but I don't have a credit card programmed into itunes and it still let me buy the app. I didn't have any money left o... Read More »

Itunes account with no credit card?

There is an easy way.1. Update to the latest version of iTunes2. Click on your countries homepage3. Click on the top app on 'Top free apps' (bottom right)4. Click 'Get app' and create a account for... Read More »