How to support childrens interest in counting, numbers, sorting and matching?

Answer I would involve them in everyday activities that incorporated those concepts - counting the number of apples to purchase at the grocery store, passing out a certain number of cookies to each person... Read More »

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Counting & Sorting Games in Kindergarten?

Kindergarten children have tests and homework still to come in their educational lives, so it's important that these early school years are enjoyable. However, kindergarten is still school, and it ... Read More »

How to support childrens play and comunication development in bilingual and multilingual settings ?

I work in a preschool setting that has about 30% Hispanic students. Support their learning of a second language (English) by using as many visuals as possible during the day. Have a visual schedul... Read More »

When Is There Interest on Child Support?

If a parent falls behind on child support after losing her job or facing other financial hardships, it may be difficult to catch up. When a parent owes child support arrears, which represent the to... Read More »

How to Collect Interest on Back Child Support in Missouri?

Finding yourself on the losing end of an unpaid child-support order can be frustrating, doubly so when you live in a state that doesn't provide for interest on arrearages. The state of Missouri, ho... Read More »