How to suicide without pain?

Answer we all go through bad times sometimes our life isn't as great as others but that doesn't mean suicide is the anwser,if there is anything that's abusive,bullying whether either problem it is i hope ... Read More »

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How to suicide without pain!?

You're just like me by the way. English is my 2nd language, have abusive parents(constant beating & mental & sexual) and what you're doing right there...what I have been doing all my life and I jus... Read More »

Best way for suicide in home without any pain.dont try to stop me.?

Don't be boring and take yourself out, go and rape some girls, and die by getting shot or something fun, your going to be dead anyways, have some fun with it :)

Which sleeping tablet the best tablet to commit suicide without pain?

Best way to relieve pain without pain meds ?

Hi Fur!Self hypnosis worked well for the 'guinea pigs' (shot down and burned airmen) in the second world war. They used something like the following...Slow your breathing down to something like 6 ... Read More »