How to straighten my teeth with out dental work?

Answer With such a big issue as teeth correction ... Unfortunately, there is no way to have the problem corrected without seeing a dentist. I know exactly where you are coming from :o)

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I need allot of dental work ( most teeth broken off down to the gum line)How can I get help with no money?

Check with the dental schools in your area - when I was in college I had a lot of work done by students. They did a really good job. They may charge something, but it will be way cheaper than a reg... Read More »

How do I whiten my teeth without dental work?

What's the best way to get whiter teeth without paying for expensive dental work - i'm a smoker?

i know a lot of people will say stop smoking but forget that. i find brushing once regularly then again harder with just water cleans them well. then eating foods such as pears and apples afterward... Read More »

Straighten teeth?

The only way to straighten your teeth yourself is with a hammer. And that will be very painful. I suggest that you get braces or invisa-line.