How to stop the blue screen of death?

Answer some times my pc get blue screen of death. I free depressed,I use Registry Easy, it works .Really fantasticI recommend you use Registry Easy to repair it.

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Is there any way to fix the blue screen of death?

There is no way to do it at home unless you're like a super nerd. I took my old computer to the Geek Squad (Best Buy) to fix it (it had BSOD too) and they did, but I wish I would have bought a new ... Read More »

Can someone help me Got a blue screen of death...?

The bsod will give you an error in this format 0xc0000000. Find that and google it. Usually related to hardware error. So make sure your drivers are up to date. Try to trigger the bsod because if y... Read More »

Blue Screen of Death?

Just follow what Akash Raj says.. his answers are technical and are most of the times best..change ur OS and also the PSU.. 250 watts is really low..

How to Never See a Blue Screen of Death Again?

How to not see thisAre you tired of seeing the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death'? Well then, read this article. Your computer will restart instead of showing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.