How to stop slobering in sleep?

Answer Close your mouth before you sleep, that's what I do! It stopped and has worked ever since 4 years ago :)

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How can i stop drooling in my sleep?

You can't stop drooling. Our mouths produce saliva whether we are awake or asleep. When asleep you do not have the swallowing reaction usually associated with feeling a build up of saliva in your... Read More »

How to stop sleep paralyis?

When you reach REM stage of sleep, you ARE paralysed. Otherwise you have a sleep disorder called RBD.Everyone gets it....You will eventually become in sync with your brain when you awaken

How to Stop Drooling in Your Sleep?

Does this happen to you?Do you wake up quite often to a wet pillow? Or a trail of saliva on your face? It's pretty disgusting, isn't it? Well, there's no need to worry, because with these few simpl... Read More »

Why do I grind my teeth in my sleep and how can I stop?

I am a dental lab technician who will be a dentist in a few years. That said, I am not speaking as a dentist trying to sell my or another persons services. I speak as a person who has this same p... Read More »