How to stop popping window of "reading from the device" when scanning?

Answer I don't understand

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How can I stop my ears from popping when I swallow?

clean the wax out with wax remover or syringe with warm water

If you want to copy doc's and photos to a scan- disk from a scanning device,?

I presume that you're actually talking about a Sandisk USB flash drive/thumb drive, my friend.It would be quicker to save the docs and photos from your scanner to your computer's hard drive, and th... Read More »

CSS: How to stop a layout from shrinking when resizing window?

Everyone is after the "Holy Grail":Choosing Dimensions for Your Web Page Layout:In Search of the Holy Grail:…Choosing Dimensions for Your Web Page Layout:... Read More »

How to Stop an RV Windshield From Popping Out?

RVs sometimes have problems with windshields that pop out of the vehicle chassis. The problem may exist because of a faulty windshield, a poorly sized frame or excessive force from hitting bugs or ... Read More »