How to stop picking my skin?

Answer I used to do the same thing, the pain helped relieve anxiety. GUM works too! I chew gum constantly.If you're anxious, just grab another piece, it will take your mind off of things :)

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How to Stop Obsessive Skin & Blemish Picking?

Obsessive skin and blemish picking may seem to be simply a superficial habit, but it's usually a reaction to anxiety and tension. People say that picking at their skin either calms or distracts the... Read More »

How to Get Your Mom to Stop Picking on You?

You just reached your teenage years. You feel like your mother isn't the mother you used to enjoy anymore. You feel like a slave. Moms as a teenager is always hard. But you can cope with it!

How to Stop Lip Picking?

Lip picking is when you pull the skin off of your lips, which is usually due to chapping or dryness. Extreme weather conditions, sickness and fever blisters may trigger this practice. Its natural t... Read More »

How to Get Your Dad to Stop Picking on You?

It really stinks when your dad is picking on you. Here are some suggestions. Dads don't always know when they have gone too far.