How to stop my tumblr from showing up on google?

Answer add your site to google webmaster is a tool for that… URL Remover from google

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How do i stop previous searches showing in google when i type in the search bar?

best way,click on toolsclick on internet optionsclick delete click delete history:::::::::here you can also delete temp files and cookies..

How can I prevent answers I give from showing up in a google search?

They shouldnt show up at all unless you get a notice from yahoo...and dont go to his post..meatspin is a porn site kinda..its worse than porn

How can I stop my name from showing up when being googled?

you cant, sorry but once your name is out there you cannot stop it from showing up on google etc

Ask box not showing up on Tumblr?

First you need to enable the "Ask me" feature. After that it should already be added to your theme. If it doesn't, you can manually add it to your tumblr page.Here's a tutorial on how to do it. htt... Read More »