How to stop my mouth burning after a chinese?

Answer Milk might work, but not a great option if you are Asian as it will give you a bellyache (we lack the enzymes that Europeans have for dairy products) - beer works for me but my wife swears by citru... Read More »

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What is the best way to stop your mouth from burning if you eat something too spicy?

Eat a piece of bread it will absorb the oils of the spice that cause your mouth to burn.

How to Eat Pizza Without Burning Your Mouth?

Burning your mouth is a common occurrence during pizza eating. Follow these steps to assure the damage taken is minimal. Now you can eat pizza without blisters on the roof of your mouth.

I have a burning sensation in my mouth from toothpaste, what could be causing the issue?

There is a gum problem that is disturbing you. You should immediately visit any dentist to take ideas and better suggestions for this problem otherwise it can also become a serious issue. I know Dr... Read More »

How to Convert a Wasteful Hot Burning Wide Mouth Chillum Into a Screened Long Stemmed One Hitter?

A chillum is a smoking utensil which, unlike most conventional western L-shaped tobacco pipes, has an I-shape, i.e. with a channel running straight through from end to end with the bowl or crater a... Read More »