How to stop my mouth burning after a chinese?

Answer Milk might work, but not a great option if you are Asian as it will give you a bellyache (we lack the enzymes that Europeans have for dairy products) - beer works for me but my wife swears by citru... Read More »

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What is the best way to stop your mouth from burning if you eat something too spicy?

Eat a piece of bread it will absorb the oils of the spice that cause your mouth to burn.

Anyone know of any tricks that can stop the numbness in the mouth after a cavity filling?

Rubbing your jaw where the numbing agent was injected can help a little. But basically you will have to wait the 4 hours till it wears off. You will feel a tingling sensation almost akin to pain ... Read More »

How to Eat Pizza Without Burning Your Mouth?

Burning your mouth is a common occurrence during pizza eating. Follow these steps to assure the damage taken is minimal. Now you can eat pizza without blisters on the roof of your mouth.

I have a burning sensation in my mouth from toothpaste, what could be causing the issue?

There is a gum problem that is disturbing you. You should immediately visit any dentist to take ideas and better suggestions for this problem otherwise it can also become a serious issue. I know Dr... Read More »