How to stop my mouse from turning off when i press both buttons?

Answer maybe you can try another mouse?

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Is there a computer mouse that doesn't make noise when you press the buttons?

No they all make that noise so you know that the buttons work

Why do people press the buttons?

lol I think it's a natural human reaction, much the same way that you find yourself speaking slower and louder to foreigners - as if it helps!

Press buttons on remote, and the tv turns off?

The circui boards get worn out easaily, Try openiing the remote and clean it. If the problem persists still try buying a new one. Try after market products, you get it for pretty low price

What will happen If I press the buttons F1 to F12 along from the Esc button on the top of my keyboard ?

All dud undiscovered WWII V2 rockets within a 100 mile radius of London will procede to explode. And you will be held responsible.