How to stop hurting after tooth pulled?

Answer have you tried saltwater rinses! those help alot! but do it 12 hours after the extractionYou can also apply heat to the area if you have a heating pad to soften the walls of the abscess so that it ... Read More »

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I have a tooth pulled and my gums are hurting can I use lidocaine oral that has been expired for 6 years?

Don't use anything like that on an open wound, even if it isn't expired.Ibuprofen (Advil) is good. An ice pack is even better, and will help reduce swelling, too.

Is it normal after having a wisdom tooth pulled for your tongue to be yellow and a salty flavor and gooey feeling in the hole where the tooth was?

AnswerYes, it is possible to have a salty flavor and a gooey feeling where the tooth was extracted, but my question is ... "Why are you putting your tongue there and annoying it!" Please don't.Rins... Read More »

When can you eat after getting a tooth pulled?

I'm a big fan of telling patients to have soft cold foods: yogurt, pudding ice cream.... Other soft foods like potatoes or eggs or soup are ok, as long as they're more warm and NOT hot....frosti... Read More »

What can you eat after one wisdom tooth is pulled?

Answer You'll probably feel better on a liquid diet (juices, milk, even milkshakes) for a day or two. They add soups and soft foods. You won't feel like eating Doritos or popcorn for about a week.