How to stop direct messaging people on twitter?

Answer that happens to a lot of people its just a spam thing and your followers are probably used to getting that from random people anyway so they know you're not doing it on purpose. it means you were p... Read More »

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Can you stop people from messaging you without blocking them?

You can go to account or privacy setting and set it so that only your friends can message you. All other messages will go in the catogory of "other" answer mine please? :)

How do I stop people I don't know on Facebook from messaging me?

This may Confuse you a little But They Moved the Settings Around and They Changed the Options Around On your Facebook Page to the Right Click on the Lock than Click on Who Can Contact me Under the ... Read More »

What Famous People on twitter RT or tweet your back on twitter . And how do you get Alot of tweets?

follow me on twitter and ill follow you back!@obvjessica

HELP!! a guy in my class wont stop messaging me on Facebook!?

Based on what you wrote, its obvious that he has a crush on you. That was probably the reason why he used to pick on you before. You can always ask him to stop sending you messages, and if that doe... Read More »