How to stop constipation pain?

Answer If u have a tub take a warm/hot soak, avoid eating ruffage foods for a few days, cabbage,nuts,corn etc..u can in the future take a few drinks of olive oil, I know taste isn't all great but it will ... Read More »

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Are constipation&back pain related?

On One Hand: Many Things Cause Back PainAccording to, back pain can be caused by many different things. Other than simple things like fatigue and poor posture, it can be associa... Read More »

How do you stop constipation?

Dear Ms Clea...Oh, how I can relate!But I'm putting the cart before the horse here.If you're accustomed to taking laxatives to help this problem--STOP IT! Laxatives only add to your problem by taki... Read More »

Is constipation and headache and pain in lower abdomen a sign of pregnancy?

Possibly not necessarily. u can get ovary pains, but tht is totally different. it may be or may not be and it is a hard question to answer, but my opinion is tht is may not be and if u ever went al... Read More »

What can you give to a baby to stop constipation?